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Hiva Holding – Since 1995

Hiva Tejarat Company has started its activity since 1995 by production of some audio and video products and selling them. Now Hiva Tejarta as a holding company has been able to acquire a remarkable share in market. From 2005 afterwards Hiva Tejarat in addition to production and assembling the audio and video products, has been active in fields of sports, production of foodstuff and nuts, construction and transportation.

Hiva Company by creating more variety in its products, understanding the economic power of the market and producing high quality products with reasonable prices managed to have loyal customers to its brand. By increasing the quantity of the customers, the company’s responsibility for identifying and meeting the needs of its customers became heavier and using the modern science tries to meet the demands of its customers.

Our Team

Hiva Tejarat begsn its activity using 50 staff at first and gradually with the expansion of its activities in various fields, has created a large group including managers, accountants, planners in fields of finance and budget, engineers, skilled professionals and amateur forces, all employed in the field that they are expert in. Hiva Tejarat by employing 150 skillful and amateur personnel and also having approximately 240 sales and after sales agents has been able to take a step towards employing the youth in Iran.

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