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Hiva Tejarat Company started its business in 1995 with the construction of an electronic products factory. This factory was established in the city of Ardabil, and at the same time a team of engineers and specialists as well as young people started working there. This factory by production of television, audio and video products such as car player, DVD, set-top box, speaker and various models of these products could acquire a significant share in the market. By expanding the activities of Hiva Tejarat Company the establishment of a headquarters in the capital of Iran and also the existence of after sales services offices became a necessity.

Hiva Tejarat expanded its activity in 1997 and with the establishment of several sales offices and also after sales services HQ in Tehran and the establishing after sales offices in big cities of Iran could meet the demands of its customers. In 1999 this company started its commercial activities with famous brands like AEG and MOTOROLA and using strong after sales services inside Iran began to offer this product to the market and could attract the attentions of the customers who tended to use international successful brands. Hiva Tejarat Company in 2005 after achieving some outstanding successes in production of audio and video products by using its managers’ ability and tact and also employing engineers and skilled experts could establish Hiva Tejarat holding.

Hiva Tejarat holding in addition to its activities in fields of technology and audio and video products developed its activities by producing sports equipment and cooperation with famous brands such as SEBA, as well as the production and preparation of foodstuff and packaging. Relying on precise budget planning and by recognition of the consumers market, this company managed to be successful in this field and has been able to make significant profits for itself and its financial partners; by achieving this profitability Hiva holding could enter construction industry.

Hiva holding officially commenced its first construction project in Tehran, Lavasanat and some parts of northern cities of Iran in 2007, and using proper schedule along with the use of qualified experts and experienced team could achieve profitability and satisfy its customers thoroughly. In 2014, this company started the cooperation with other international famous brands.

Hiva Tejarat holding by concentration on business and using its expert team and its international business partners has been able to complete various profitable projects in different fields of its activities and tends to take bigger steps towards development of trading and production.