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The managers of Hiva Tegarat always try to pay attention to sports industry and the production of sports products. The ambitious aim of creating health and vitality in society on one hand, and the human need for mobility, sports and sports products on the other hand, has led the managers of Hiva Tejarat and its Investors to be eager to participate in the production and import of sports products and take an effective step to meet this concern.

When Hiva Tejarat holding entered the sport goods industry, at the same time began to co-operate with well-known and popular SEBA brand. After starting this cooperation, importing roller skate equipment to Iran was began widely and Hiva Tejarta using professional team of athletes could hold classes for training different sports like roller skate.

SEBA Brand

THE SEBA Brand philosophy is to create high quality skates, made by skaters for skaters. It is also, and has always been the development of skating by all means, as a sport, a hobby or even an art. Our products are tested and improved in real skating situations by the best skaters. SEBA is also supporting skaters and events all over the world and is proud sponsor of the World Slalom Series and World Skate Cross Series. Seen as a young innovative brand when the first SEBA skates came out in 2005, SEBA is now the leading brand of the Freestyle / Freeride market and our innovations set the trends of the inline skating industry.


Since 2015 , HIVA TEJARAT Company has arranged MARSHAL CUP International tournament, Click HERE for more onformation about Iran skate competitions

Our company is planning to use its power and financial resources to start cooperating with other major sporting brands.