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Hiva Tejarat Company at first began its activity with the construction of a factory used for assembling electronic products, but increase in the demand of customers in the market, the necessity for expanding the activities and providing various products on one hand,  and the profitability of the factory on the other hand led to the construction of a new factory for the production of some products like television, and in recent years this factory has been able to establish different production lines including production line for electronic boards to supply the spare parts and attract customer satisfaction more than before, that is a very important step in the growth of domestic technology  and employing expert forces of our country.
Hiav Tejarat in addition to supplying diverse range of products with Marshal Brand and also offering reasonable prices, by powerful provision of after sales services is considered a trustworthy brand among its customers.

In the field of technology, Hiva Company has been able to obtain exclusive rights to AEG and Motorola since 2001. Hiva Company also created a brand called Marshal and its products exceed over 500 different types of products.

Hiva Company is planning to use its available resources in technical and engineering field and also after sale services, to allow the company to obtain the rights to other well known global brands.